Big Fashion, Petite Women

Being a petite woman has its elevating perks but also drowning burdensome disadvantages. A large portion of the drowning burden is contributed by the frustration in the exclusivity of the fashion industry.


Petite women are often cast aside when it comes to fashion niche, especially now that society is hopping on the “positive body image” and the “plus-size models” as well as the “I-am-curvy-and-I-own-it” bandwagons. Despite the all-embracing positive body image campaigns on a global scale, the fashion-for-petite-women bandwagon is in desperate need of an upgrade. In other words, petite women often find themselves delegated to the back of clothing store racks.

There was a time when women who are not five-feet, nine-inches tall, weigh 106 pounds and wear a size zero fall into a dark abyss of neglect by fashion brands and designers. After a series of earthquake scandals of malnourished skeletons (I mean, the starved and deprived supermodels) walking down the runways of fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan, the media quickly pushed for positive body image agenda. Turns out, petite women were not looped in the memo. Now, the paltry petite industry is almost non-existent next to the burgeoning plus-size modelling industry. Whatever happens to embracing all body types?